Palaeography Practice 2: The Howff Licence

The title of this document should give you a few clues are to what its about. Always remember that when transcribing or reading a document. Are there words you should be looking out for. I always find it helps to figure out what you can, read it back and then think about what words could... Continue Reading →

COVID-19: Recording for the future

There is no doubt that the current situation and lockdown has affected all of our lives. To make sure that the everyday lives of everyday people are recorded during this massive event, we would like you to write down your experiences. Of course, we are always happy to collect personal diaries from the people of... Continue Reading →

Dundee, West of Java

One of our volunteers, Jaap Jacobs, tells us the story behind a document he found in a box of council legal records. Sometimes finding a document can spark off a long journey from the searchroom of the Dundee City Archives, to the other side of the world and back. The document itself is odd enough.... Continue Reading →

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