Logie 100: April 1920

We take a look at what happened in the Logie Housing project 100 years ago this month.

The Female Convict of 1825

We found an interesting series of documents tucked away in the Towns Clerk's correspondence file of 1825.

Dundee, West of Java

One of our volunteers, Jaap Jacobs, tells us the story behind a document he found in a box of council legal records. Sometimes finding a document can spark off a long journey from the searchroom of the Dundee City Archives, to the other side of the world and back. The document itself is odd enough.... Continue Reading →

Story of a Photograph: The Police Pipe Band

There are three main ways that the Archive collects materials. As we are the Archive for the City Council (and its predecessors) we get records by internal transfer. This means that other departments within the council send us records that are no longer needed for their current purpose but might of interest historically. Examples of... Continue Reading →

The Great Charter of Charles I

Charters generally aren't that interesting to many people. They are large and difficult to read - both in terms of writing style and language. The legal language until the 18th century was Latin, and very few people can read it today. But even then once translated, the style of writing is often long winded and... Continue Reading →

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