Logie 100: September 1919

We take a look at what happened in the Logie project 100 years ago this month.

Unfortunately we don’t have the picture that was taken for the September report. Therefore the above picture is the August image again.

At a meeting on 28th August, it was confirmed that the target completion date for the first batch of homes at Logie was Whitsunday (23rd May). The issue of who the prospective tenants would be was also brought up at this meeting of the Housing and Town Planning Committee. The Convener, Mr Barnes stated that applications had already been received, but these had all been declined. Proper consideration would start in the New Year. It was agreed that a public announcement would be made so that everyone would know when they could apply. The committee also discussed whether priority was to be given to ex-servicemen. It was pointed out that Local Government Board recommended such a preference be shown, however in Dundee many other young married couples had problems finding homes. The final decision was deferred until another discussion could be had.

The September Report

James Thomson, City Architect and Engineer, submitted his second report on 1st September 1919. The number of men working had increased from 65 to 102. Thomson reported that there was a lack of bricklayers and masons in the city. They had managed to employ some at the building site, but many had left to go work at the gas works. Perhaps this would have been a more steady job for them, or maybe the gas works paid more money. It was explained that due to the halting of building works during the war and other slowdowns in the trade, many bricklayers had given up the job and moved on to other occupations. Councillor Reid suggested that the council ban the building of any more ‘picture palaces’ until the houses were completed or shortages eased. In fact on 15th September the Works Committee decided to allow the building of a new picture house on King Street. In view of this the Town Clerk was asked to write to the Board of Health and Ministry of Labour telling them about the proposed work would take away skilled workers from the housing scheme.

On Tuesday 23rd September, George N Barnes MP for the Gorbals in Glasgow visited the building site. Barnes was born in Lochee, but moved to England as child, working in his father’s Jute Mill. He became an engineer and returned to Dundee to work at Parker’s Foundry. He said he was please to see “his native city so well advanced and in the forefront of building activities”. George was in Dundee holidaying with his brother Thomas, who also happened to be the convener of the Housing and Town Planning Committee. The Hon Mr Barnes also visited the temporary wooden huts in the Craigie area of the City.

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