FDCA 2019 Conference: 30 Years of Working Together

We have already explained that 2019 is a big year down our way. It marks 50 years since the first Archivist was hired by Dundee Town Council and 30 years since the Friends of Dundee City Archives (FDCA) was created. To mark this, we thought it fitting to make the theme of the 2019 FDCA “Celebrating 30 years of working together”.

The conference will feature a talk by former City Archivist Iain Flett on the last 50 years of Dundee City Archives, mostly taken from his experiences of working here for 40 of those years. He will look at what has changed at the archives, some of the documents held by the archives and interesting discoveries made by members of the Friends, staff and public. David Powell, Archivist at DC Thomson, will look back at how the city of Dundee has changed over the 50 years since the creation of the archives, David will feature stories and pictures from the company’s vast photographic archive.

A two course lunch and drinks is included in the cost of the ticket. The lunch has always proved popular with attendees in the past.

In the afternoon session we will hear from a few of the current volunteers at Dundee City Archives about projects they are working on, including cataloguing the Dundee Methodist Collection and the project to create a Dundee Schools index. At the end of the day there will be a quiz.

You can download a booking form from the FDCA website.

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