The 1199 Trading Charter from King John

The next in our series of favourite documents comes from Former City Archivist, now volunteer and Honorary Vice-President of the Friends of Dundee City Archives, Iain Flett. Iain was City Archivist at Dundee City Archives for 40 years, so I’m sure choosing his favourite document did not come easily. He has certainly picked a very interesting one…

My favourite document is a photograph copy of a document held by the National Archives in London. It is a copy of a trading charter of 1199 between King John of England and the Burgesses of Earl David of Huntingdon. It is held at the National Archives as part of the Charter Rolls. (Ref: TC/CC/1/A)

This document would have been one of the earliest royal charters given to Dundee. Sadly we no longer hold an original from the Dundee Charter Chest as this, along with other charters, was presumed stolen or destroyed in the campaigns of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce in the late 13th and early 14th centuries.

It is my favourite document as its helps me to imagine what the first Dundee Burgh Charter Chest consisted of.

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