Ward Road Wesleyan Chapel Cookery Book, 1913

This month, Melissa Lonie, tells us about her favourite document. Melissa has just recently finished re-cataloguing the Dundee Methodist Circuit collection. The collection was already part catalogued, but Melissa has restructured the collection so that items are easier to find. She has also catalogued items which were not listed before. This means that anonymous items in ‘miscellaneous’ bundles can now be identified. One such item that she found is her favourite document.

Ward Road Wesleyan Chapel Cookery Book, 1913

My favourite document is a cookery book issued in aid of the Ward Road Wesleyan Church Bazaar in March 1913. It contains a variety of recipes for sweet and savoury foods. There are recipes for meats, soups and an awful lot of scones. These recipes seem to have been submitted by members of the church.

Recipes for cake. The contributor’s name is below the recipe.

It’s my favourite document because it’s nice to get an insight into the kinds of foods local people were making over 100 years ago. We also get to find out how they were making them. They obviously didn’t have the same sort of equipment we have today. Even basic items like kitchen scales were not available to many people. This resulted in some rather interesting measurements, such as “one lump of butter, about the size of a walnut” and “one breakfastcupful of flour”. What was a breakfast cup? Was it similar to a normal tea cup?

Lots and lots of scones

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